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Contemporary Romance
Dark Romance
Sexual / Gender Identity:
Bi or Pansexual
Trigger/Content Warning:
CW are on author's website

The Ties That Bind Us

By Eden Emory

This is a steamy f/f dark romance with a bisexual lead.

I didn’t want her. I wouldn’t allow myself to. We had our time and that was supposed to be over now. I was different, or at least I wanted to be.

But she was like a parasite worming her way into my heart and even after three years, her heated gaze made my knees weak.

It was for the money, is what I told myself. But I knew better…

And so did my soon-to-be fiancee.

Note: This is not your typical romance novel and if you are looking for something sweet with good people… this book is not for you. For CW please check the author’s site.

Available through Kindle Unlimited
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