The Tower

The Glen’s Hollow Series, Book 2

By Kirke Vincent

If she doesn’t learn trust and love, the whole tower could come crumbling down.

The black cat is bad luck… if you’re human.

Deryn is an albino cait sidhe who has spent her whole life as the omen that showed the fae court that the magic of the world was dangerously unbalanced. After two years spent in Glen’s Hollow covertly investigating other anomalies, she finds a true mystery—Anne, a fae changeling that survived to adulthood whose existence should be impossible.

Unfortunately, Anne has been kidnapped by none other than the fae Queen’s consort, Deryn’s father. She and Anne’s pixie girlfriend Vinnie must travel across the Atlantic and underhill in an attempt to rescue her and find their own way to right the magical balance.

The story of Glen’s Hollow continues…

Will Deryn learn to love herself and trust her new friends, or will The Tower come crumbling down?

Queer, polyamorous, menage, triad, actual love triangle… whatever you want to call it, this book contains explicit sexual encounters between multiple women, one of whom is transgender.

Please do not download or purchase if you are under 18 or would prefer not to view such content.

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