The Trick to Finding Love

By TJ Dallas

A low-angst sapphic romance novella about finding love in unexpected places.

After she discovers that her wife has been cheating, Skye throws herself into her work to forget the break-up of her marriage, relishing the chance to explore and research the famous Catacombs of Paris.

When a misstep leaves Skye lost in the ancient tunnels, she stumbles upon Trick, a gorgeous graffiti artist with a sense of adventure. Skye is grateful for Trick’s help to get out of the tunnels, but how can she truly thank her rescuer when she was caught actively defacing one of the greatest historical sites that Skye has ever seen?

It wouldn’t matter, but when Skye’s rental car gets a flat tyre, the enigmatic Trick appears once more looking unfairly sexy in her dirty coveralls. Skye quickly learns that all is not as it seems with the rebellious Parisienne.


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