The Understanding

The Alpha Evolution Series, Book 2

By Michele L. Coffman

Trish has a deeper connection to the mutants than she realizes.

Six months after Trish Webber wakes from her coma, the walled-in Rapid City has grown in both population and land. With Colonel Aralyn Williams and her militia protecting these citizens from the infected creatures who plague the planet, life appears to hold new meaning for the survivors. Nevertheless, appearances can be deceiving.

Trish has fallen into her role, not only within Aralyn’s militia, but with the life she and Christina Burgos have built together. Held strong with the love they have for each other, and their adopted daughter Jennifer, nothing can come between them. Or so they believe.

For Christina, her family is everything, and she will do anything to keep them safe and away from danger. But for Trish, thanks to the recklessness of her parents, risking her life for the greater good isn’t only her responsibility, it’s her legacy.

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