The Wait Is Over

The Holiday Series, Book 6

By Nicole Pyland

A shy data-loving nerd meets the one woman who makes her believe her wait for love is truly over.

Scarlet Campbell’s friends had all coupled off, and it had happened this year. All five of them had found love while Scarlet had continued to go back and forth about coming out to her family, and on top of that, she still couldn’t talk to women. Every time she tried, she choked. She got nervous. She said something stupid. As a result, she was still a single nerd who worked as a data analyst and did coding on the side.

Dakota Wagner was new to the marketing team of a software company, tasked with building a customer community. To do that, though, she needed data. When Dakota was sent Scarlet’s way, she found the woman endlessly adorable, so she wanted to get to know more about her other than her fascination with sugar and numbers.

In Scarlet’s eyes, Dakota was sexy, smart, and would have no problem finding a girlfriend easily, so Scarlet didn’t think she’d have a chance. Little did she know that Dakota was exactly who she needed in her life to get the courage to be more herself, conquer her fears, and finally come out to her family.

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