The Wayward Fairy

The Wayward Fairy Series, Book 1

By Mackenzie Sutton

A silly fairy growing up in a gilded cage leaves on an adventure, finding more than she bargained for, and love.

Life may seem perfect – reincarnated as a fairy in a world with a system, with all day to play and laze away. But with the urge to do more, to go beyond the borders of Fairy and explore, to become an adventurer like in the stories she read as a human, Azalea is not content to just stay put. When circumstances, and perhaps a bit of her own mischievousness, provide her with an opportunity, she takes it. With a war brought on by the Dragon Lords, the creeping threat of Undead, and people who are not that accepting, out there is not as rosy as she had thought. Of course, a fairy was never meant to be an adventurer alone…

A sapphic litrpg fantasy of a fairy’s journey and growth, of her experiences, those who she meets, and the love that she finds.

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