The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t

By Sienna Waters

It's time to fall in love. Literally.

American Emily Jackson has been in love with her best friend’s oldest sister Savannah for as long as she can remember. Which is why a family wedding in far-off Scotland is a dream come true. A week trapped in the Highlands with Savannah is exactly what she needs to prove that they belong together.

Harry Lorde has a problem. Attractive women make her fall over, spill drinks, and generally make an idiot of herself. Understandably, this has made dating not just hard, but impossible. So she’s not expecting much in terms of romance when she heads to her best friend Gabe’s wedding in Scotland.

But when sabotage starts to threaten not just the wedding, but also Harry’s dog Elsie, Harry and Emily find themselves on the case. The mystery might be deepening, but so are the feelings, and best of all, Harry hasn’t fallen over once.

Love has many faces, and while romance fan Emily is expecting fireworks, Harry’s just afraid all those bangs might come from her falling downstairs. But with disbelieving best friends, femme fatale sisters, a movie star handsome hotel receptionist, and a dog that can’t get enough bacon, this is going to be a wedding to remember. And two of the guests are about to lose their hearts, hopefully to the right people…

The Wedding that Almost Wasn’t is a lesbian romance featuring a very happy ending, from bestselling Sapphic writer Sienna Waters, author of The Wrong Date, Crossing the Pond, and Teaching Hope.

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