The Weight of What Was

By Pip Landers-Letts

Two decades. One family trip of a lifetime. And a love that endures it all.

2002. When Anna meets Grace, they’re swept up in an exciting new romance until a big mistake changes everything. The couple are forced apart, yet their lives remain entangled in a way they never could have imagined.

2022. Whilst the Edwards family journey through the breathtaking snowscapes of the Arctic, secrets come to light which threaten to unravel their close-knit bond. They return home and attempt to pick up the pieces, but will life ever be the same again? And should it?

The Weight of What Was is packed full of humour and heartache, exploring the best and worst things we’ll do for love. A story about a delightfully dysfunctional family, who go on a snowy Arctic adventure. There are lots of twists and turns and a Sapphic romance at the heart of it all.

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