The Wish List

The Meddling Friends Series, Book 1

By Riley LaShea

Kelsie almost has it all - a supportive family, a business she loves, and a close-knit group of friends who can be as meddlesome as they are fabulous.

The one thing she doesn’t have is a girlfriend, and, as the last unmarried member of the troop, her friends aren’t about to stand for that.

During a night of drunken frivolity, they concoct a plan. They’re going to send a letter to Santa on Kelsie’s behalf, asking for a girlfriend for Christmas. It’s all fun and good humor for Kelsie until, the very next day, she meets Randa, a seemingly perfect woman who possesses all the attributes her friends specifically requested for her in their letter.

When a chance encounter brings another woman into Kelsie’s life, though, she begins to wonder whether perfect is necessarily right and if Santa could have been way off the mark.

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