Three’s a Crowd

By Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings

Everyone's a winner in this love triangle

When the greatest coincidence of the year hits a Los Angeles supermarket, one everyday woman comes out the clear winner…


Managing the frozen-food aisles at the market rarely brings excitement. Until average gal Maya Flores meets two female customers who want her to go out with them. Separately, of course!

Jocie Greer is the charismatic lover she’s always desired. When they’re together, they’re on an adventure. Maya doesn’t have to think about the crumbling family waiting for her at home, or the nowhere job keeping her chained to a paycheck.

Or she’s with Loren Hamilton, the professor who can quote classic literature and the latest hot romance novel. She makes Maya feel like the star of her own bestselling romance. The private tours of a college campus aren’t bad, either!

But Maya knows that every great romance novel has a catch. She simply has to believe it won’t happen to her…


Jocelyn Greer and Loren Hamilton go back all the way to boarding school, where they ruled as romantic rivals. Now, twenty years later, they’ve bumped into each other, and all hell is breaking loose!

This might require telling Maya the truth about their past. And if there’s one thing Jocie and Loren would rather do than go down that road, it’s admit anything is wrong. Or that they might still like each other, too.

Something has to give. Will it be Loren, who has turned her back on her old self, anyway? Or Jocie, who knows she’ll never stand a chance against a trust-fund academic from freakin’ Brentwood?

Maybe it will be Maya, as soon as she’s done milking this fling for all it’s worth!

This is a ménage romance with a HEA.

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