Through the Roof

By Natasha West

As a happily married presenter of a top-rated morning news show, Olivia Ross has it all.

Only none of it’s real. The show’s ratings are flailing, her boss is out to get her, and her marriage has become a hollow sham. And things are about to get worse. Because after her co-anchor falls ill, the show needs a temporary stand-in. And Olivia needs only one look at her youthful, sexy new co-host to know that she’s there to replace her.

Young and hungry, Holly Reynolds is thrilled to get a temporary gig on the biggest show on the network. She’s even more thrilled to work with Olivia, her idol. Only icy Olivia doesn’t seem to like her very much. Nevertheless, Holly is determined to get close to the woman she admires more than anyone.

Olivia tries desperately to resist the charms of her rival. But as their working relationship develops, it becomes difficult for Olivia to keep seeing Holly as the enemy. Against all odds, they find themselves falling for each other…

As the network schemes and the bosses connive, can Olivia and Holly find a way to be together and take on the world at the same time? And can they report the news without becoming the top story?

‘Through the Roof’ is a witty romantic comedy from the internationally best-selling author of, ‘The Plus One’, ‘Just Married?’ and ‘Now and Again.’

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