Timber City Masks

The Royce Madison Mystery Series, Book 1

By Kieran York

Introducing Royce Madison, sheriff’s department diehard deputy and dyke-about-town.

When Royce’s father, Sheriff Grady Madison, was killed, his murder went unsolved. Haunted by her father’s death, Royce vowed that no other murder would go unsolved in Timber City, Colorado.

In this first intriguing mystery, Royce explores the boundaries of sexuality, family loyalty, and town fear as she searches for the murderer of her lover’s best friend. Possible suspects abound in the murder of the wealthy Trish Chandler-Sumner. Was it her no-good jealous husband Luther, who also happens to be the current sheriff’s brother? Could it have been Ray, the gentle, guitar-playing young Native American implicated by one questionable witness?

When Valeria, the object of Royce’s obsession, reveals that she was sexually involved with the murdered woman, the tables tilt. But who knew the truth? What mask hides the real killer?

Unsolved crimes means we haven’t struggled hard enough for the truth. I hate being robbed of the truth. And if we accept the blank page and tag an innocent person, we’re accepting a lie. When law enforcers do that, the law becomes neutralized. Our inaction can put us on the inside of a mask looking out. No better than the perpetrator.

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