To Italy with Love

By Fiona Zedde

Getting away from it all doesn't necessarily mean escape.

In these three erotic stories, women leave their familiar spaces – countries, landscapes, states of mind – to discover uncharted, but not always idyllic, territories with lovers old and new.

To Italy with Love introduces Iris, a newly dumped serial monogamist who travels to her friend’s destination wedding. On the Amalfi Coast, she meets a much younger and casually provocative woman who challenges all the boundaries she’s created for herself. Iris, queer and complicated, has a not-quite-secret she’s unsure she’s ready to share. But will her young lover pull all the way back when she discovers it?

In That Girl, She’s a Killer, mildly sociopathic Louisa has had her share of dangerous lovers, both male and female. But when a deadly former flame, someone who burns hotter than any fire she’s ever dared touch, visits New York, Louisa tosses aside her careful and methodical life just to feel that delicious burn just one more time. Too soon, “once more” turns out to be not enough and the flame threatens to consume Louisa’s legendary control.

Vicissitudes tells Ro’s story. The first time she remembers being herself, she was thirteen and female. When she next wakes, she is nearly thirty and rolls over in bed, naked, next to a beautiful woman, Alma, wearing an engagement ring. Ro knows exactly what happened in the years in between, and she knows when Alma opens her eyes, she will ask why her fiancé has disappeared and left a woman with remarkably similar features in his place. It’s going to be an interesting next few days.

Join Fiona Zedde as she weaves these stories of lesbian erotic love and bisexual romance, stories which will lead you to faraway places, and locales close at heart.

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