To Live Without Knowing

By Deanne Rupert

Small towns are full of monsters.

When Jaime Strait was fourteen years old, she saw something in the woods of her hometown Hawk Ridge, Pennsylvania, that she could never explain. In the aftermath, the town and her first love turn their backs on her, and Jaime spends the next fifteen years running away from the town and everyone in it.

Just when Jaime thinks she’s run far enough, an old friend turns up begging her to come home. People are disappearing again, and the last person to go missing was Jaime’s childhood love. Reluctantly, Jaime agrees to go home and face down whatever it was that followed her through the woods that night.

But in order to solve this mystery, Jaime will have to go back some two hundred years to the founding of the town, and come to terms with the idea that someone she knows might be responsible for the monster she sees every time she closes her eyes.

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