By Nicole Pyland

One test. One list. But what if it’s all a lie?

In an ever-changing and complex world, it can be hard to find love. But there’s a new company called TruLove, and they offer people a chance to take a few tests and receive a list of the top ten people on the planet that they could be happy with. No more of this ‘one person in the world for each person.’ TruLove has been growing ever more popular as more and more people decide to get their lists, reach out to their connections, and go in search of love.

Arden was forced to take the TruLove test as a teenager by her heartbroken mother who didn’t want Arden to be miserable like her. But it’s not until Arden gets injured as an adult and has no one to come to the hospital that her list is actually revealed to her against her wishes. People begin to show up, wanting to meet their connection, but Arden isn’t interested.

Freya only took the test because her partner at the time convinced her to do it. After finding out they weren’t on each other’s lists, that partner left Freya heartbroken and hating TruLove and everything it stood for. When she later gets a call telling her that one of her connections is in the hospital, Freya doesn’t know what to do. Deciding to see Ardern after all, she can’t seem to stay away now.

The only problem is that TruLove might not be about love at all. And when Arden discovers that, it puts her and Freya in unexpected danger.

NOTE: While TruLove is a prequel to SoulMatch, it takes place centuries earlier, so there are no repeat characters in this world’s origin story.

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