Unbroken Star

The In the Queerness of Time Series, Book 2

By Alex Washoe

Two women from different times, whose hearts beat with a single passion.

In the 21st century, burned-out ex-cop Britt Halliday sets out on a tour of the west, hoping to reconnect with the stories of her childhood heroes. Outside of a ghost town in northern Wyoming she rushes to the rescue of a woman pursued by armed men, and finds herself whisked back into the real world behind her youthful fantasies.

In 1887, Dr. Agnes Sheedy struggles to find a cure for the malady that ravages the mining town of Pigeon Point. The residents believe they are cursed, but Agnes’ crusade draws the ire of powerful enemies. Escaping an attempted abduction, she flees into the arms of a mysterious woman who appears out of a storm, on a railroad trestle that shouldn’t exist.

One timeless love to protect Pigeon Point — and the world — from a gathering darkness.

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