Unconditionally Hers

The Bonds and Assets Series, Book 3

By Alexa Woods and Sienna Harper

Will a forbidden love between a feisty heart surgeon and her bookish intern risk everything they hold dear?

Michelle Foley, a world-renowned heart surgeon, is known for her unorthodox approach to medicine. And life.

She’s a laid-back personality who often prefers a wild party over a stuffy staff meeting, and her rebellious streak often leads her to break conventions and ignore rules.

To rein in this tendency, the hospital board forces Michelle to take on an intern she never wanted.

Lydia is bookish, naive, and embodies everything Michelle hates about the way medical students are educated. They clash instantly, but when a series of strange incidents endanger their ward, Michelle must turn to Lydia to catch the culprit.

Soon, the volatile Michelle discovers that there’s more to the buttoned-up Lydia than meets the eye. Lydia’s sharp mind might just be the key to unlocking the mystery and Michelle’s heart.

Ever since a surgeon saved Lydia Beckett’s life, she has wanted two things: to become a surgeon herself and to meet her ultimate hero, Dr. Michelle Foley. They say you should never meet your idol, and Lydia soon realizes why. Dr. Foley scoffs at hospital norms, rolls her eyes at conventions, and dislikes Lydia from the start.

However, when strange events impact their ward, Lydia sees her chance to prove herself to Michelle.

As they work together to uncover what’s happening on their ward, Lydia sees beneath Dr. Foley’s chaotic ways, and her professional admiration soon turns into something decidedly unprofessional and explosive.

As they grow closer, Lydia must wonder: is a walk on the wild side perhaps just what the doctor ordered?

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