Under Her Roof

The Accidentally Undercover Series, Book 1

By Allison Temple

The mission is simple: Find the killer, escape by sunrise, do NOT fall in love.

My name is Gillian and I have three problems:
– A fallen tree through the roof of my family’s remote island cottage.
– A sister trying to sell said cottage out from under me.
– A dead body in the living room. Sadly, it’s not my sister’s.

Actually, make that four problems: my ex, Amanda, just showed up uninvited. Apparently, she’s a spy, undercover to investigate the luxury wine auction hosted by my conniving sister.

We’ve got no connection to the mainland and a murderer on the island, so tonight Amanda and I have three missions:
– Find the killer
– Stay alive
– Escape by sunrise

Actually, make that four missions: Do not fall in love, because apparently Amanda and I are far from over.

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