Under The Gun

The Gun Series, Book 2

By Lori L. Lake

Will tough, intimidating, super-cop Dez Reilly, open her heart to Jaylynn Savage?

Under the Gun is the long-awaited sequel to the bestselling novel, Gun Shy, continuing the story of St. Paul Police Officers Dez Reilly and Jaylynn Savage. Picking up just a couple weeks after Gun Shy ended, the sequel finds the two officers continuing to adjust to their relationship, but things start to go downhill when they get dispatched to a double homicide – Jaylynn’s first murder scene. Dez is supportive and protective toward Jay, and things seem to be going all right until Dez’s nemesis reports their personal relationship, and their commanding officer restricts them from riding together on patrol. This sets off a chain of events that result in Jaylynn getting wounded, Dez being suspended, and both of them having to face the possibility of life without the other. They face struggles – separately and together – that they must work through while truly feeling “under the gun.”

“I am thrilled to see a writer like Lake take the risk, leave formula and genre restrictions behind, and be willing to put in the hard work necessary to put forth a truly creative product. Lake continues to grow and mature in her craft and is poised to guide the characters she has sent out into the world through the grappling necessary for their own maturity.”
~Marianne K. Martin, author of Mirrors, Love in the Balance, and Legacy of Love

“This is the best book about police officers I’ve ever read. Lori Lake takes us to a world where just doing your job requires putting your life on the line at a moment’s notice. The brave, skilled women of Under The Gun are an inspiration and a revelation. And who would have thought that for tough, intimidating, super-cop Dez Reilly, opening her heart to Jaylynn Savage would be the most frightening experience of all?”
~Jean Stewart, author of the ISIS series

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