Under the Harvest Moon

By Robin Hale

Laurel Pearson is ready for adventure.

The sort of adventure that means finding your people and discovering yourself and — well, it turns out that her adventure mostly looks like a studio apartment in a new city, a job at a quirky little bookshop, and humiliating herself in front of the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen.


But Laurel can’t shake the feeling that there’s more going on. The bookshop sells silver amulets and dried herbs alongside their truly impressive poetry section, and that gorgeous woman crackles with secrets. And the bookclub? It might be a coven.

There’s something coming. Something changing. And Laurel would swear that Rhea Barnes — the gruff, hot gardener with the intriguing scars — is the key to understanding all of it.

Can Laurel convince Rhea to take a chance on her and find out what’s pulling them together?

Under the Harvest Moon is a complete F/F romance with grumpy gardeners, curious bookshop clerks, magic, and kisses in the moonlight!

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