Under the Sitka Sky

By Violet Morley

It took a plane crash to bring them together.

Cam Porter is a charter pilot living a quiet life in the small island town of Sitka, Alaska. She’s spent most of her adult life avoiding any kind of affection and has put off romantic relationships. Her small but mighty family circle includes her exuberant dog Goose who gets her through the days between doing what she loves most, flying.

Skyler Callaghan had to leave Sitka while she was still attending high school. Despite the time and distance, a childhood crush on her best friend’s older sister never went away—a little fact she almost forgot about until an unplanned trip back home reminds her.

When the two women find themselves stranded in the Alaskan wilderness, it isn’t exactly the setting Skyler always dreamt of when she pictured nights with Cam. She tries to put her feelings aside for the sake of her sanity and survival but she feels herself being drawn even closer to Cam. As things start to shift between them, Cam has to decide if she can learn to trust and let go.

A sapphic romance adventure

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