Unlikely Match

The TwinSoul Dating App Series, Book 3

By Alexa Woods

When polar opposites become true soulmates...

Poppy is looking for love. And she knows that her Miss Right is out there somewhere. But how will she ever find her if she can’t even get past the first date?

No one appreciates the quiet ones, and Poppy must get over her own awkwardness, at least for long enough to let love bloom.

Even when the TwinSoul app matches her with Odessa, the woman of her dreams, the date that starts out full of hope and promise ends in disaster. As per usual. But does it?

A late-night message from Odessa might change everything.

Odessa, the assertive and outgoing life coach, is captivated by the quiet, almost brooding woman from the disastrous date.

Why can’t she get Poppy out of her head? Intrigued, she sends her a message.

And all of a sudden, Poppy is in her life, but not in the way she expected.

Poppy hires Odessa as her social coach.

Odessa reluctantly agrees, knowing that her ironclad rule about not dating her clients is now in jeopardy. Especially when Poppy finally gains the confidence to tell Odessa how she truly feels about her.

Poppy and Odessa’s story is the third book in the “TwinSoul App” hot and alluring age-gap dating app FF romance series. Each book in the series is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after for the couple.

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