Unmasked Desire

By Kim Pritekel

Your fantasy just may get you killed

Ashton King is the would-be heiress of the King-Kraft Chocolate empire—though her sexist father is reluctant to hand over the reins. Spending most of her time at the London division, Ashton comes back to headquarters in Denver for meetings and holiday plans for the company.

While home, she’s asked to spearhead a new project for their best customer’s brand-new business: an exclusive gentleman’s club dealing in chocolate and passion. There, she meets the intensely sexy Pearl.

At The Black Pussy Cat, anonymity is the name of the game. Everyone must wear a mask, including the women who work there as the escorts in their sophisticated, beautiful evening gowns. Despite the masks, Ashton and Pearl are instantly attracted to each other with nearly animalistic passion, and soon they begin a professional relationship: high-paid sex at Ashton’s massive estate. While intense and erotic, the masked sex only makes Ashton want more from the secretive Pearl.

Meanwhile, a traitor emerges at King-Kraft, trying to win Jack Kraft’s favor and sully Ashton’s reputation. When Jack dies and leaves everything to Ashton—to her profound surprise—the sabotage turns violent and more personal, endangering Ashton and even threatening Pearl.

Ashton must unmask the saboteur before it’s too late, but deepening feelings for Pearl start to complicate matters. Will love be the answer when all masks are removed?

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