The Blacksea Odyssey Series, Book 1

By J. A. Vodvarka

A magickless warrior sets out to prove her worth.

Nyssa Blacksea is eager to silence her doubters. The only warrior in her guild without magick, she’s forced to rely solely on her martial arts mastery, unwavering confidence, and charisma. When given the chance to hunt down a mysterious woman named Quinn, and earn the coveted title of Ashcloak, Nyssa seizes the opportunity. Track down a fugitive? An easy task.

There’s just one problem—Quinn isn’t receptive to Nyssa’s charms and refuses to go down without a fight. Dangerous secrets swirl around Quinn and a treacherous guild leader, rattling Nyssa’s faith in the very system that raised her.

Though troubled by the sinking feeling she’s not meant to survive the mission, Nyssa confronts the dangers awaiting her, clashing with pirates, assassins, and undead horrors. Duty pulls her in one direction, but a strange, undeniable spark of connection draws her towards Quinn. With only her heart and code of honor to guide her, Nyssa risks death to stay true to herself.

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