Us, Here, Again

By Scarlett Grace

I never intended to fall in love with my best friend, Megan. It just kind of happened.

I blame that stupid kiss at our high school graduation. The kiss was never mentioned, we did not talk about this unspeakable thing she made me feel. Her family left town right after that. And that night, she left me with something I never felt before. The thing kept me wanting, wanting to see her again.

After a decade, I have a chance to make everything right again.

A reunion party. Will I see Megan again? Well, I hope so.

Would everything comes to light, even the truth about our kiss ten years ago.

I can’t keep my feelings for her a secret anymore.

It’s all innocent at first until you’re back in Megan’s hotel room and things start heating up between us both.

No more regrets.

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