Vacation Fling

By C.A. Beymer

What happens when a spring break fling turns into happily ever after?

Charlie had problems. Dragged down to Florida on an all expenses paid trip might sound like paradise to some, but for her it comes with strings attached. She was dreading a week of tension dealing with her mom’s lectures about her “life choices.”

Until she met Izzy and her whole outlook on life was flipped upside down in an instant!

Izzy had it made. Road tripping down to Florida on an all expenses paid trip to paradise was just fine with her. Sure she was a last minute replacement, but she figured a free trip was a free trip. It would be a week of relaxation and fun in the sun.

Then she ran into Charlie and suddenly the Florida heat wasn’t the only thing getting her hot and bothered!

Charlie thought her vacation would be nothing but nonstop stress. Izzy figured the best she could hope for was a one night stand. Both of them are about to have an unforgettable week of fun in the sun, but will it ever be anything more than a vacation fling?

Vacation Fling is a 94,000 lesbian romance about two college women who come together for an unforgettable spring break!

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