Vampire’s Obsession

The Vampire Tales Series, Book 3

By Maria Saha

Tiana stalks the night sure she's found the love of her life.


Eve was walking home after work one night

She had noticed a strange presence for weeks

The nights became ominous even though she was a vampire

She felt scared so she ran into her apartment building

Got into the elevator and disappeared from sight


Tiana stalked the night as a shadow

Her obsession for Eve had been growing for months now

Following her home every night after work without fail

So scared to reveal herself from the shadows and make her move

She ended up freaking her femme out that was until…

She finally got into the elevator and grasped her into the shadows

Read more about Vampire’s Obsession to learn what happens of Eve’s sudden kidnapping. Will Tiana come to find the love she so desperately seeks. A loner shy femme and a dominant obsessed femme clash in the Third Series of Vampire Tales.

Warning: Intended for mature readers aged 18+. Contains explicit content and high heat, steamy erotica in this F/F sapphic paranormal romance that transcends the ordinary. If you enjoy reading dark romances including heavy BDSM elements, then this short story is definitely for you.

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