Veiled Conspiracy

The Battle for Liberty Series, Book 1

By Michele L. Coffman

As America is pushed to the brink of disaster, Sam and Elaina race to uncover the veiled conspiracy.

Elaina Williams works hard as a mid-level TV news reporter who dreams that one day she’ll sit behind the anchor desk, viewed as a respectable newscaster. Luck seems to turn her way when her ex-girlfriend, Kim, a conspiracy-seeking journalist, requests a private meeting and tells Elaina the “story of a lifetime.”

Samantha “Sam” Kelly has worked her entire adult life trying to forget the horrors of her past. After high school, she enlisted in the Army and served eight years as a Special Forces Communications Sergeant deploying oversees more days than she was stateside. After three deployments into combat zones and the bloody chaos of battle, the sudden death of her parents sends Sam back home to care for her younger sister, Rachel, who is still in high school. Sam joins the Police Force and settles into a normal everyday life that doesn’t last long when events rock America’s foundation and its citizens are sent into a downward spiral full of pain and turmoil.

Could this be the end of America as we know it? Will there be enough of America left to stand and fight? For Sam and Elaina nothing is certain, except that they both find themselves in way over their heads.

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