By Lisabet Sarai

Rules were made to be broken.

I must really be horny, to be sitting here fantasizing about the keynote speaker. I squirm in my chair and worry that I’m making a damp spot. Marta Hausman, founder and CEO of, controls of the stage. I can’t take my eyes off her.

I consider slinking off to the ladies room, but I don’t want to miss an instant of Marta’s performance. Though I try to focus on what she’s saying, I keep getting distracted by the V of tanned skin above the closure of her jacket.

Finally she concludes, to rowdy applause, and re-seats herself as the moderator calls the next speaker. She scans the audience, looking bored. For a moment, I have this bizarre notion that she’s staring at me. I hold my breath, my heart slamming against my ribs. I swear that I can see lust in her eyes.

Dream on, girl. What interest would a hotshot like Marta Hausman have in you? You don’t even know if she’s into women.

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