Venus & Aphrodite

By Barbara Winkes

Love is on the menu.

When Zoe inherits money from her grandmother, along with the instruction to do “something wild” with it, she takes a three-week vacation to Italy and Greece. But is that wild enough? Back home, she decides to open a restaurant to share with her community the food and wine she fell in love with.

The major wrinkle in her plan? She needs the perfect person to cook the delicious dishes she has in mind.

Chef Arianna O’Dell was a rising star in the culinary world before a public scandal put an abrupt halt to her dreams. Arianna is reluctant to resume a career in a field that has cast her out, but it’s hard to resist Zoe’s passion.

Can Zoe and Arianna overcome everything that’s holding them back, and make their shared dream a reality?

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