Waiting For You

By Anne Hagan

What if the server was more appealing to you than your lunch date?

The Starlite Diner seemed like the perfect place for a blind date. Broad daylight. Good food. Great service. What could go wrong?

Marketer Kelly Dawson took herself out of the dating game after a failed engagement. She let a good friend talk her into a blind date. Some friend. Her date was late, and the time Kelly spent waiting on her was a better time than the half hour they spent together.

Alyssa Tyler is just helping out in her parents’ busy diner. An MBA candidate and future general manager of a Starlite Diner mini empire, she’s usually completely focused on operations and not on the front-end customer experience. Her focus changes when a gorgeous butch gets seated in her section for the lunch rush.

Kelly’s failed date is dispatched away quickly, but the journey to love for her and Alyssa won’t be as easy as pie.

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