Waking Beauty

By Dawn K. Lake

High fantasy adventure with lesbians, love and magic.

A story inspired by fairy tales

Princess Andromeda is a princess no longer. She has left all of that behind and set out to find her beloved Talen, the bodyguard who stole her heart two years ago.

While on that journey, Andromeda makes a momentous discovery. She has a rare ability she never knew she possessed. The power of magic. And Andromeda will need all of that new-found power if she is to unravel the mystery that lies at the heart Blackheath, the world where Talen now resides.

Blackheath is a land hovering precariously on the edge of destruction, ruled by a mysterious Empress who has bound Talen to an impossible quest, with little time left before a frozen never-ending winter swallows them all.

Waking Beauty is a story of defiance, hope and determination. A story of creating your own fate even when the world tells you your path has been decided. With a richly realised world full of compelling characters, complex choices and gorgeously descriptive prose, this is a satisfying read for those looking for a romantic fantasy that delivers a layered narrative.

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