Watch Over Me

By Kate Hennessy

One secret is deadly. The other will heal the world. But which is which?

Caught stealing medication for her illegal sister, Yara is forced to participate in RePay – a terrifying TV game show that will determine her sentence.

Her only hope for freedom lies in surviving a risky biotechnology trial within the sterile walls of Watch Over Me, where ruthlessly passionate head engineer, Ms Wilding, reveals an unnerving agenda.

When Wilding’s controlling obsessions turn curiously personal, Yara must summon every ounce of willpower to outwit her captor and resist the pull of forbidden attraction in their dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. If she fails, she’ll forfeit her only chance to save her sister in an off-record deal with Wilding’s celebrity arch-enemy.

But what Yara uncovers during her incarceration at Watch Over Me proves she’s not the only one closely guarding a life-changing secret that will challenge alliances, and alter the course of freedom.
But whose secrets should stay hidden and whose should be revealed to the world?

Only 30 days to decide.

With no way to know who’s telling the truth, you’ll be questioning who the real enemy is…

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