Watching Henry

By Sienna Waters

Three kids. Two women. One job.

Spoiled heiress Hadley Rains has never committed to a thing in her life. Until her father cuts off her allowance and she’s left with a point to prove.

Professional nanny Florence Underwood has problems of her own. Her old-fashioned methods are out of style, and she’s swimming in debt.

Enter the McLeod-Allen kids. Feisty, troubled, and reeling from the divorce of their parents, the kids need a nanny. But they end up with two.

When stern disciplinarian meets flighty brat, things really shouldn’t go well. And they don’t. Until a mysterious disappearance draws the two together.

Only true opposites can create a perfect balance, but can either one of them realize what they have before it’s too late?

Watching Henry is a new stand-alone lesbian romance from Sienna Waters, bestselling author of The Wrong Date, A Perfect Mess, and Tea Leaves & Tourniquets.

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