We Are H.E.L.L

By J C Rowe

17-year-old, Elizabeth 'Elsie' Neilson has a boring life.

One that seems to repeat itself, day in and day out. Known for being the headmaster’s daughter at her high school, she spends more days than not being bullied, so she wishes for something to happen that will change her life.

Then she meets Lucita ‘Lu’ Torres Alvarez, a transfer student who has enough self-esteem for the two of them. Daughter of a local Mafia boss, she is no stranger to trouble.

Drawn together by instant attraction, they discover a hobby that lets them find an outlet for their inner demons. Together they get each other through past traumas, life realisations and situations that just get out of control.

Her wish gets granted, but is it more than she wished for?

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