What Memories Are Made Of

By Diana Jayne and Donna Jay

A heart-warming, slow-burn lesbian romance about finding love through loss.

Outgoing Chelsea Evans is twenty-eight, has a big heart, but has suffered so much loss. She’s had to rebuild her whole life from scratch since losing her daughter and her marriage. But Chelsea’s a people person with hope and humour and love to spare.

She’s a woman on a mission now; throwing herself into her job at a motorcycle shop, and dedicating her free time to taking disabled children for rides on her motorbike.

Walled-up, divorced banker Madeleine Jones is not an impulsive person. But for some reason, that’s exactly how she acts around Chelsea, the cute woman with a love for motorbikes that she meets in the most unlikely of places. Is it her son giving her a nudge from the other side? Why does she suddenly need to know everything about Chelsea?

Before long the two women bond over their shared experiences and reflections of a life that didn’t go to plan. But are they ready to put aside the past and discover something new? Something fresh and exciting?

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