When She Thaws

The Ice Queens of Fairview Series, Book 1

By A. Goswami

Meet Natalie Hudson, the undisputed queen of Fairview High.

She rules the school with an iron fist and a flair for drama, striding down hallways in her Dior heels and signature Blair Waldorf-style headbands. She’s the head cheerleader – blunt, unapologetically bitchy, and breathtakingly beautiful. But beneath her perfectly polished exterior lies a secret turmoil: an emerging attraction to girls that she’s desperate to ignore. Enter Ashley Bergstrom, and Natalie’s world tilts on its axis.

Ashley Bergstrom isn’t just any new girl. She’s a sprinting prodigy with the poise of a supermodel and the aggression of a Viking shield maiden , aiming for Olympic glory. Uprooting her life to train with her godmother, a former sprinter, Ashley finds herself at Fairview High, where old family wounds resurface, and the stakes are higher than ever. But it’s not just her past that haunts her; it’s also Natalie Hudson, the school’s “It” girl, who has sworn to crush Ashley’s sprinting dreams and shatter her reputation.

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