When Worlds Collide

By Erin Zak

A Broadway Romance in Three Acts

In the glittering world of Broadway, where dreams take center stage and the city that never sleeps pulses with life, Heather McCarthy, a dazzling Broadway actress at the zenith of her career, meets Grace Elliott, a celebrated romance novelist poised to see her latest masterpiece leap from the pages to the silver screen.

As the two women from different worlds collide, their connection is electric, their passion undeniable, and a love story unfolds. But fate, of course, has other plans. Heather and Grace confront a heartbreaking ultimatum when Grace’s movie adaptation demands Heather as its leading lady. The catch? The studio forbids any off-screen romance between the two.

With hearts torn asunder, their relationship takes an unexpected twist. Through late-night texts, phone calls, and voicemails, the flame of their connection refuses to be extinguished as they grapple with the tantalizing prospect of a love that could either defy all odds or shatter beneath the weight of industry expectations.

In the heart-stirring third act, Heather and Grace must confront the ghosts of their choices and decide if their love is worth the sacrifices demanded by fame and fortune. Will they rewrite the script of their lives, or will their careers that seemingly brought them together become the very thing that tears them apart?

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