Where the Heart Leads

By Ally McGuire

A writer. A celebrity, A secret that can break their hearts.

A stunt car driver, an MI5 agent, a gigolo… Finn Montoya tells everyone she meets she has a different profession. It’s all part of keeping people at a distance while still being a part of the world around her. Really, she’s an accomplished writer who has taken being a mystery to heart. At least that way, she can stay safe. Under no circumstances can her past catch up with her.

Angie Davis just wanted some simple time with her daughter. But when the paparazzi swarm the café she and Luna are at, she has no choice but to accept the help of a handsome stranger who is watching the chaos play out. When Luna develops a friendship with that stranger, Angie’s unsure how to handle it. But the more time Angie spends with her, the more she wants to be in Finn’s arms.

Against her better judgement, Finn allows herself to be drawn to the promise of something real with Angie, but when the celebrity spotlight threatens to derail her safe existence and expose her secrets, it isn’t only their hearts in danger. Is love worth the risk?

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