Who Stole Santa’s Squeakers

By Elle Armstrong

Can the one thing she hates, help her find love?

Hedera, who works at Santa’s production factory, can’t stand the noise made by the squeakers that they put inside the Christmas Toys. That she is greatly annoyed by them is no secret, so when the latest batch goes missing, everything points to her as the most likely suspect.

Hedera fears she will be forced to move away from the North Pole, putting an end to her chance of ever telling her crush, Ilexa, how she feels.

But Ilexa, who is harbouring a secret crush of her own, is on Hedera’s side and makes it her mission to clear Hedera’s name and find the real culprit.

Will Ilexa solve the mystery of who stole Santa’s squeakers in time to stop Hedera leaving? Or has she already gone?

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