Wild Seedling

By Dawn K. Lake

Can the sins of the past be forgiven?

An ill-advised one-night stand reignites a passionate flame between two women who previously parted after both making irrevocable choices.

Laurie Kendal is twenty-one, newly divorced, and no longer able to pretend to herself that she isn’t a lesbian. On her first visit to a lesbian bar, she stumbles across the last person she ever expected to meet again—Alexandra Fremont, Laurie’s former best friend and the crush she could never quite forget.

An ill-advised one-night stand with Alexandra reignites Laurie’s feelings and makes her determined to pursue the possibility of a relationship, but many obstacles stand in the way. Like the suspicions of Alexandra’s friends, none of whom trust Laurie. Or Alexandra’s own doubts as to Laurie’s intentions. And not least of all, a society in flux where the position of lesbians is improving but tenuous.

Wild Seedling is a playful take on the lesbian romance genre, set in a 1920’s-esque unnamed city in a world that is not quite our own. Intended to be enjoyed both as a story in its own right and as a commentary on some of the tropes that have shaped lesbian stories, this sensual novel is sure to bring something tantalising and fresh to all kinds of readers.

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