Wind and Dreams

By Linda North

Ancient Egypt meets Edwardian America in this romance that spans time.

In 1901, Rose McLeod and her father are in Cairo to acquire ancient Egyptian relics for their antiquities business back home in Baltimore. A notorious slaver, known for procuring concubines for harems, attempts to abduct Rose. She is rescued only to find she is now captive of a beautiful woman claiming to be the pharaoh of a kingdom hidden deep in the Sahara.

Merytneit is autocratic, arrogant, and entitled. She believes Rose is a gift from Goddess Neit. Rose refuses to accept any of this. She’s a “freeborn American woman.” During her journey across the desert to the Valley of Wind and Dreams, Rose joins Meryt’s three companions as a reluctant member of Meryt’s family. Rose discovers the women are not just Meryt’s companions. “Harem. This is a harem.”

Cultures clash, danger intrudes, and passions flame. Travel with Meryt and Rose across the Sahara to the Valley of Wind and Dreams, where they discover their entwined destinies as decreed by the ancient Egyptian Gods.

2nd edition with additional chapters

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