Wings of Time

By R.S. Haspiel

How could old letters in a trunk reveal so much?

Wings of Time is an adventure romance between a British WWII nurse and a Russian pilot. A whole new relationship forms between this retired Russian pilot and her granddaughter as they continue bonding one summer in Maine. A bored college student explores the attic to find an old trunk with letters written to her grandmother. As she continues her reading she realizes that her grandmother was in love with another woman during WWII. Through a series of relived memories, conversations and the help of modern technology, the woman once thought had died in the war is found to live across the Atlantic. The adventure begins when the granddaughter hopes to find her grandmothers lover thought lost during the war. It weaves a relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter and relates historically accurate events from the war as seen through the eyes of a British nurse dealing with the Japanese and a Russian pilot dealing with the Germans during WWII.

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