Winter Wolf

By C. A. Hall

Alana will do anything to avoid her family's holiday celebration, even if it means shacking up with a werewolf she just met.

Alana doesn’t believe in fate. She doesn’t believe in second chances, either. But when a wolf pulls her out of the ice, not even Alana’s swan can keep her from taking notice.

Fay’s kind, beautiful, and everything Alana isn’t. From being a predator to moving away from her pack, Fay lives a life Alana would do anything to have.

So when Fay suggests they start a fake relationship to spice up the holidays, Alana jumps at the idea. A new relationship is just the excuse she needs to skip out on visiting her folks.

Falling for the she-wolf wasn’t part of the plan, but as the holidays come to an end, Alana finds herself fearing her flight home more than ever before.

Can Alana find the strength to break away from her flock, or are her family’s expectations of her stronger than her heart?

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