Witches Loving Werewolves

A Sapphic Anthology

By Ela Bambust

Falling in love can be magical

Witches Loving Werewolves is an anthology full of queer, trans, sapphic love, all of it with a supernatural twist.

Any Witch Way features a witch out of her depth, trying to juggle new responsibilities with the fact that she turns into a wolf every full moon all of sudden, and that her cat Pancakes does too. A fish-out-of-water story about finding yourself in a strange land and strange body.
Mutually Assured Seduction is about two people so dense they have their own gravitational field. Two college warlock rivals challenge each other to a bet: whoever can stay a girl the longest is the winner and the better mage (it makes sense to them). Meanwhile, their gay best friends are watching the chaos unfold as best they can, but they’re also a little distracted with each other. A romantic comedy you haven’t seen before.
Part-Time Monster is a real coming-of-age story. Damien, son of Lilith (marketing executive and retired demoness) is trying to deal with the fact that he keeps turning into a demon girl whenever he gets an anxiety attack. It’s straining his school life but more importantly, his relationship with his best friend Allyssa. What follows is a story of young love, demon shenanigans and a cool mom.

This collection of queer novellas is perfect for anyone who wants a bite-sized romantic love story, always with a healthy helping of trans themes, self-exploration and acceptance.

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