Without A Front

The Warrior's Challenge

The Chronicles of Alsea Series, Book 3

By Fletcher DeLancey

An assassin’s shot has shattered the Opah family and endangered Lancer Andira Tal.

Now criminal forces are racing law enforcement to find the man who could topple Tal’s government.

With the net closing around them, Tal and Salomen Opah discover the power of their tyree bond, a power Alsea has not seen in a millennium. A desperate gamble wins them a reprieve, but the price is high: Tal loses her greatest support just when she needs it most.

As a second, more lethal trap reveals itself, the fate of Tal, Salomen, and Alsea itself rests on the edge of a blade. There is no possible way out—but there may be an impossible one. When a divine tyree bond comes into its true strength, love may not just save a heart. It may save the world.

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