Woe in Total Darkness

The Sun & Moon Duet Series, Book 1

By Sem Thornwood

Two princesses with light in their veins but they can only love each other in the dark

The Isle of Ae has been under the Darkness Curse for years: an unnatural phenomenon appearing instantaneously and bringing unearthly monsters within.

Princess of the Sun Khanate, General Lenora Mitharaus, is the only one who is willing to use her light powers to fight off this ruination. She has dedicated her life to protecting her lands and her people.

All the while in the safe lands of the Moon Kingdom, Princess Zuraya Haliyes doesn’t even waste a thought over the curse. She spends her days planning the wedding to her very handsome fiancé and her nights escaping from nightmares. Zuraya doesn’t dare question her perfect life.

That is until a certain General comes into her Kingdom.

As their lives turn upside down both of the princesses realize how much they need each other. However, they don’t know how treacherous this relationship can get if they are not cautious enough.

Woe in Total Darkness is a sapphic fantasy book intended for adult readers

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