Wolf Magic

The Coastal Wolves Series, Book 2

By Harlowe Frost

To master magic, Blake hides her werewolf nature.

Hiding her wolf instead of embracing it, Blake has spent her life focusing on learning magic; witches and wolves are at war. After a massive Midwest blizzard, she relocates to California and her aunt’s coven for a new start. When one of the witches recognizes her as a werewolf, she fears exile from the witch community. Will the wolves accept her or will she be rejected by everyone?

Now that the Coastal Pack has a sane leader, Maria can stop worrying about the pack and focus on herself. After a series of disastrous dates, Maria is ready to embrace the single life. Upon meeting Blake, who is both wolf and witch, she feels a spark between them. Despite some of her pack rejecting the idea of a witch joining the family, her connection to Blake keeps growing. If she dates the wolf and it doesn’t work out, will that create unrest in the pack?

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