Wolf of Mine

By C. A. Hall

Carley's taken a year away from work and her dating app business to get away from love, not so she can find it.

Unplugging from the Internet, social media, and her dating app is just the sort of vacation Carley needs. One year. One whole year to unplug, recharge, and break away from everyone’s love life, including her own.

Of course, her plans didn’t include a beaten down rancher, a serious case of homesickness, or a renovation gone horribly wrong.

But when a very kind and attractive neighbor comes to her rescue, it seems as though Carley might have a reason to stay after all.

Bree knew Carley would be a problem the moment they met. Not only had her wolf altered her to the human, but Bree couldn’t get her out of her head. If not for her brother Jackson and her loyalty to the pack, she would’ve told Carley right then and there what the other woman meant to her wolf.

Problem is, Bree isn’t a loner, and it will take a lot more than a simple conversation to get her brother on her side.
Carley’s visit is temporary, and as the months go by, Bree fears her time might be running out.

Can she reveal her truth to the woman she loves without risking the safety of the pack? Or is there a reason why unions between humans and wolves rarely exist?

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