Working for the CEO

The CEO Series, Book 2

By Emily Hayes

She needed the job even if she had to wear whatever the CEO wanted her to.

I want you to work for me. You will wear the exact clothes I send you and you will do exactly what I ask of you…

This is an Age Gap, Ice Queen, Sapphic Romance between a CEO and her personal assistant. It is hot and steamy with a Happy Ever After.

Alice’s life is a mess. She’s lost her job and her girlfriend and she doesn’t know how she will pay her rent next month.
She meets a much older wealthy stranger from a dating app for a hook up and the next day she receives a message from this stranger offering her a job. Alice will be the new personal assistant to the CEO Joanne Morgan. The only catch is that she has to wear the exact sexy clothes her new boss chooses for her while she’s at work.

Alice finds herself tangled up in office games that turn her on more and more. Joanne Morgan is a stone cold Ice Queen, so why is Alice so into her? It is getting harder and harder to focus on work and Alice knows her boss doesn’t do relationships.

Can Alice find a way to charm the Ice Queen CEO beyond the purely physical and get her own happy ever after?

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